EC-Council, the world’s largest cybersecurity training and certification body is inviting those who are class apart and have gained the wisdom and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity to work with us as Subject Matter Experts.

What is a Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

EC-Council is known for its best in the class training and examinations in the field of cybersecurity. If you are the one who has conducted complex pen testing assignments, certified by a renowned cybersecurity training and cert body and skilled to create guidelines and assessment for EC-Council then you qualify to be in this group of experts.

An SME is responsible for providing feedback on training content, creating questions/items or beta testing assessments under the direction and guidance provided by EC-Council, You would be officially signing an agreement and your name will be displayed on our website amongst the best from the field.

Should this opportunity interest you, fill up the form below and one of our coordinators will get in touch with you.

You can also write to [email protected] for more information



1. Can I be working as a full time professional and still be involved in these activities?
Yes, we are happy to invite all full time professionals so that your expertise and experience can add more value to your contribution.
2. Is there a specific time commitment for each activity?
No, as an SME you can share the time you will be able to put in per week. We are open to any time you may allot to share your expertise with us.
3. Can I be on other boards or involved with other certification bodies while contributing as an SME with EC-Council?
There are no restrictions in place for our SMEs towards being or involved with other certification bodies while contributing as an SME with EC-Council as long as they understand and comply toward the NDA signed with EC-Council.
4. Can I be involved in more than one activity at the same time?
Yes as an expert you can be involved in multiple activities with EC-Council should your schedule permit.
5. What will I need to submit to get started?
You will need to submit your recent resume along with the signed agreement copy provided by EC – Council to get started.
6. Will I be required to share any sensitive documents such as my ID proof etc.?
No EC-Council does not request for any sensitive documents.
7. How long will the shortlisting process take?
Upon receiving your recent resume along with the signed agreement copy provided by EC–Council, EC-Council coordinators will get back to you within 5 working days.
8. Do I need to hold an EC-Council certification in order to qualify as an SME?
No, it is not mandatory to hold an EC-Council certification to qualify as an SME, your area of expertise and years of experience in the information security is the only element we will be focusing on.
9. Are there monetary benefits assigned to being an SME with EC-Council?
Yes, there may be monetary benefits assigned for specific exercises and contributions should you be eligible for it. All these details will be provided as part of your agreement.
10. Can I exit the SME group at any point of time?
Yes, EC-Council respects your contribution even it lasts for a small period of time, an email to the coordinator conveying your wish to exit the group is all that is required.
11. Can I list this contribution on my LinkedIn/ social media profiles?
Yes , You can list your contribution as an “SME” on your LinkedIn/ social media profile, however you are not permitted to give out any other details of the project in order to comply with the signed NDA terms which are a part of your agreement.
12. Do I need to be physically present/ travel to be a part of meetings?
No, all communication will be only limited to online mediums such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts.